Sunday, September 7, 2014

2015 World University Games Archery Team Selection Trials Date Announced

US Collegiate Archery Association, National Governing Body for University and College Archery is excited to announce the dates for the Archery Team Selection Trials for the 2015 Summer World University Games to be held in Gwangju, South Korea, July 3 – 14, 2015.   All Athletes meeting current US Collegiate Archery Association (USCA) and US International University Sports Federation (US-IUSF) eligibility requirements are invited to compete.  The U.S. Intercollegiate Archery Championships (USIACs) will be held in the same venue immediately following the selection trials.   National Championship, All Academic and All American honors will be awarded in all categories of competition.

The 2015 World University Games Team Trials will be held April 27 – 29, 2015. 
USIACs will follow immediately in the same venue April 30 – May 3, 2015.

Other important Tournaments for the 2014-2015 Academic year are:

Regional 3D events September, 20-21 and 27-28, 2014
3D US Intercollegiate Archery Championships, October 3-5, 2014
Indoor National Championships, February 20-22 and 27 – March 1, 2015
State Outdoor target Championships, March 20 – 22, 2015
Regional Outdoor Target Championships, April 10-11 and 17-19, 2015

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Friday, August 8, 2014

UC Archery Adds Byrd for 2014-2015

The University of the Cumberlands (UC) Archery program is gearing up for their third season as a program as they had a very successful run in 2013-2014. UC has had immense success as Head Coach Kris Strebeck strives to bring in the top archers from all around the country. In preparation for the upcoming season, Strebeck is pleased to announce the signing of Jayson Byrd for 2014-2015.

Jayson is the son of Cole and Sue Byrd. He hails from Goodway, Alabama and recently transferred from Jefferson Davis Community College, coming to UC as a sophomore this year. Byrd is a decorated archer as he has had numerous top-2 finishes in the BHA Southern Zone Championship and in Bowmania in 2013 and 2014, where he also came in 2nd place for Shooter of the Year.

When asked about joining the archery program at UC, Byrd commented, “The archery program looks very beneficial with top rated coaches to help further my archery career. The college campus is very welcoming from the warmth of the staff to the colorful landscape of the grounds. I hope that I can contribute to the archery program and school successfully so others may enjoy an opportunity to attend here also.”

Coach Strebeck added, “Jayson competed on the ASA circuit and has gained valuable experience that he will be able to use this season. We believe that he is a great fit for UC and are excited for him to become a Patriot.”

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Friday, July 18, 2014

USCAA Hiring

USCAA is currently in the process of hiring an Executive Director and a Marketing Manager. Interested and qualified applicants please apply via linkedin.

Executive Director 
Marketing Manager

Monday, June 23, 2014

UC Archery Inks Fladzinski for 2014-2015

The University of the Cumberlands (UC) Archery program recently completed their second season as a program, and had a very successful run in 2013-2014.  As UC accumulated numerous top finishes this year, they know they have to keep competing on a high level as they continue to strive towards a national championship.  Head Coach Kris Strebeck is already preparing for this fall as he has been working hard on the recruiting trail and is pleased to announce the signing of Katherine Fladzinski for the 2014-15 season. 

Katherine is the daughter of Chris and Maureen Fladzinski.  She hails from Greenwood, Michigan, and recently transferred from Bethel University and will be a junior this year at UC. Fladzinski is a decorated archer as she was named a 3D All-American and an All-American in Target in 2013, and received All-Region honors in 2014 and was named to the All-Academic team.

When asked about joining the archery program at UC, Fladzinski commented, "I'm looking forward to competing on such an outstanding team this year. I can't wait to see what the future holds."

Coach Strebeck added, "Katie is an experienced archer who has received numerous accolades. She has competed on the college circuit already and brings valued experience to our team. She will be a great asset to the continued success of our program."

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

UC Archery Finished 3rd at US Intercollegiate Archery Championships

The University of the Cumberlands (UC) Archery team was back in action this weekend as they traveled to Long Beach, CA to participate in the US Intercollegiate Archery Championships (USIAC). This would be the last tournament of the 2013-2014 season for the Patriots. Both teams shot exceptionally well as the Patriots placed 3rd overall out of a total of 43 teams.

The first competition of the weekend would be the Men’s Compound team shoot. UC’s Nathan Vaughn (Henderson, KY), Korey Snyder (London, KY), and John Whalen (Booneville, IN) shot for the Patriots and finished 2nd out of 11 groups. They had a first round bye then would go on to first defeat UC Berkley (UCB) 13-8, then would go on to face Penn College (PC) and defeat PC 12-6. UC would lose their third match-up as Texas A&M (TAM) defeated the Patriots 19-7, giving the Patriots a 2nd place finish.

The Women’s Compound division would be the next to shoot. UC was represented by Madeline Brown (Bonneville, IN), Haley Haygood (Liberty, MS) and Hannah Blevins (Eubank, KY). This trio would finish 4th out of 9 groups. They received a bye in the first round of shooting. They would go on to defeat James Madison (JM) 9-8, fall to Columbia University (CU) 8-6, and drop the final match to University of Wisconsin Steven (UWS) 9-5 giving them a 4th place finish.

In the Mixed Compound division, Nathan Vaughn and Madeline Brown competed for the Patriots. The UC pair finished 3rd out of 11 groups. They received a first round bye, and then would tie with James Madison (JM) before winning the tie breaker of a one-arrow shoot out. Texas A&M (TAM) would then get the best of them as they dropped the match 11-6. In their last match, they defeated Penn College (PC) 5-2 to finish in 3rd to take the bronze.
The Bowhunter class would be the next to shoot in this event. The Men’s Bowhunter division would be represented by UC’s Dylan Martin (Keavy, KY), Caleb Kirby (London, KY), and Jeremiah Brown (Crab Orchard, KY). These Patriots finished 3rd out of 13 groups. UC would receive a first round bye, and then would defeat University of Wisconsin La-Cro (UWLC) 12-7. They would lose next to a strong UCLA team 10-7, and would go on to defeat Penn College 12-6 for the bronze.

In the Women’s Bowhunter competition, the Patriot lady trio consisted of Brianna Messmer (Cadiz, KY), Kristen Swords (Pontotoc, MS), and Nicole Nivison (Lawrenceburg, KY). They would finish 3rd out of 6 groups. UC received a first round bye then suffered a loss to Michigan State University (MSU) 4-3. Their last match would be against Penn College and they would defeat PC 6-3 to capture bronze.

The last group event would be the Mixed Bowhunter division. This class was represented by UC’s Caleb Kirby and Kristen Swords. UC finished in 2nd place. They received a first round bye, defeated Michigan State University in a tiebreaker of a one-arrow shootout, Texas A&M in a tiebreaker, and lost to James Madison 6-4 to claim 2nd.

The next set of competition would be individual performances in each class of Men’s Compound, Women’s Compound, Men’s Bowhunter, and Women’s Bowhunter.

For the Men’s Bowhunter class, Dylan Martin started things off for the Patriots. He received a first round bye then defeated Christopher Lafey of PC 135-127. Martin would be defeated by one point in his last match as Hunter Teel of TAMU won 135-134. Justin Bowling (London, KY) would be the next Patriot to gain some ground in this class. He first defeated Rafael Diaz of CSULB 131-113. In the second round, he defeated Bradley Terpening of UCI 137-128. Bowling would continue to make a name for himself in the competition as he defeated Chase Finch of TAMU 128-125. Bowling would be defeated in his last match as he lost to Malcolm Keetso of NAU 136-129.

Jeremiah Brown shot next for the Patriots. He received a first round bye, and then would be defeated by Malcolm Keetso of NAU in a close 133-131 match. Caleb Kirby received a first round bye, and then went on to defeat Eric Raifsnider of MSU 136-117. He would be defeated in his next match by Malcolm Keetso 138-135. The final Patriot to compete in the Men’s Compound class was Aaron Cook (Stanford, KY). He defeated his first opponent Matthew Lech of PC 136-91, but would be defeated in his next match 131-129 by Kelvin Dewalt of PC.

In the Women’s Bowhunter class, Nicole Nivison shot first for the Patriots. She defeated Taylor Hollman of TAMU is a close match 125-124. In her next match, she defeated Bianca Bartolome of CSULB 129-119. Nivison kept her success going as she next defeated Alexandra Sparks of UWSP126-106. Her final match would be against Kaley Kubokawa of UCLA where she was defeated 123-118, finishing 4th. Lakin Crum was next to compete in this class. She defeated her first opponent Rachel Kincaid of JMU 117-99. Crum would tie her next opponent Kat Stiegel of TAMU 127-127 but would go on to win in a tiebreaker in a one-arrow shootout. She was defeated in her last match 122-111 by Kaley Kubokawa of UCLA finishing 6th.

Brittany Mink (Somerset, KY) would win 2 matches on the weekend. She first defeated Erin Formiller of MSU 123-107. Her next opponent would be Camille Silverman of JMU and she was successful as she won in a close 118-115 match. Mink would lastly be defeated by teammate Kristen Swords 128-112 finishing in 5th place. Kristen Swords would shoot flawless at the tournament, as she would finish in 1st place going undefeated. In the first round, she defeated teammate Shannon Coleman (Rush, KY) 133-114. Next she would go against Courtney Deshong of PC and would win 129-121. Swords would then defeat teammate Brittany Mink 128-112, and NAU’s Adrianna Camacho for the championship 135-122. Marissa Moorman (Taylorsville, KY) shot for a couple of matches as she first defeated Anna Tikhomirova of UCLA 119-112. In her last match she would be defeated by Adrianna Camacho of UCLA 130-123. Brianna Messmer also shot for a couple of rounds and in the first she defeated Holly Neely of PC 130-111. Her demise would come against Allison Emerick of JMU 127-113.

The final two categories of shooting would be for the Men and Women’s Compound division. For the men, there would be 6 Patriots to shoot. Aaron Daniels (Henderson, KY) first defeated Michael Tong of CAL128-121, but lost his second round match to Justus Leimbach of PC139-129. John Whalen would win two matches before being defeated. His first opponent was Ryan Badiee of SU and he won 139-100. He would defeat Paul Foss of MMC 133-128 in the second round. In Whalen’s last match he went up against Daniel Gregory of USU and was defeated 142-137. Nathan Vaughn was the third Patriot to shoot. He won one match and would lose one match. He received a first round bye and would then go on to defeat teammate Cody Kirby 140-135. He would fall to Kent Haslem of SUU 139-135.

Cody Kirby would go 1-1 in the tournament. He first defeated Jacob Virtusio of UCLA 135-87. His loss would come against teammate Nathan Vaughn in a 140-135 match. Ryan Long (Richmond, KY) was defeated in the first round by Seth Lowenstern of RPI in a one-arrow shoot out to break a 131-131 tie. Korey Snyder was the last Patriot to shoot and he would shoot for a 0-1 record. He received a first round bye and would then be defeated by Kevin Dolecki of PSU 140-135.

The Women’s Compound was the last group to shoot for the Patriots. Hannah Blevins won her first match as she defeated Abigail Hricko of PC 121-117. She was defeated in her second round match by Tristan Skarvan of TAMU by a close score 138-136. Haley Haygood shot next for the Patriots and she received a first round bye. She would shoot a close match, but was ultimately defeated by her opponent Julie Hoffman of CU 1339-1338. Madeline Brown was the last Patriot lady to shoot, and she received a first and second round bye before being defeated by one point by Hunter Jackson of MSU 135-134.

Once the shooting ended, the All-American and Academic All-Americans were announced. Seven Patriots earned the title of All-American: Marissa Moorman, Lakin Crum, Nicole Nivison, Kristen Swords, Brianna Messmer, Caleb Kirby, and Dylan Martin. In addition, there were five Patriots who excelled in the classroom as well as on the range: Marissa Moorman, John Whalen, Dylan Martin, Caleb Kirby, and Justin Bowling.

Head Coach Kris Strebeck commented, “I am really proud of the way our team shot this weekend. They showed up when it was most important and their effort showed as we finished 3rd overall with a national champion. I look forward to see our success in the 2014-2015 season.”

This wraps up the 2013-2014 season for the Archery team, as they look forward to another successful and decorated season in 2014-2015.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SIC’s National Championship Archery Team Recognized at State Capitol

Harrisburg, Ill. (May 20, 2014) – The national championship archery team at Southeastern Illinois College was recognized recently by the State of Illinois House of Representatives 98th General Assembly for the team’s unprecedented five U. S. Collegiate Archery Association 3D championships.

Southeastern’s lady archers won the Women’s 3D Bow Hunter Division national title in 2012. The following year, SIC’s men won the Men’s 3D Bow Hunter and Men’s 3D Compound Division national titles. In addition, Aaron Head of Harrisburg and Hannah Dudley of Stonefort won the Mixed Team 3D Bow Hunter Division national title. Head finished the year by capturing the Men’s Individual 3D Bow Hunter Division national championship.

Representative Brandon Phelps from the 118th state legislative district welcomed the team to Springfield on May 14 to recognize its outstanding achievements competing against varsity squads from major Division I schools.

During the afternoon’s legislative proceedings, Rep. Phelps was granted permission to publicly honor members of the archery team and announce House Resolution No. 1063, which was adopted by the Illinois House of Representatives earlier in the month. The same day, state senator Gary Forby recognized the team and its accomplishments during the Senate’s morning session.

The resolution congratulated the team on its outstanding performance in collegiate archery and pointed out that eight of the 45 collegiate All-American 3D archers named in 2013 were from Southeastern Illinois College.

Southeastern will defend its national titles this coming fall at the 3D US Intercollegiate Archery Championships hosted by the University of Missouri in Columbia. Archery scholarships for the 2014 Fall Semester at SIC are now available to qualifying high school graduates. Contact Archie Blair at or call 618-252-5400 or toll free 866-338-2742, ext. 2145.


PHOTO: Southeastern Illinois College archery team members met with Rep. Brandon Phelps, center, shortly before the May 14, 2014 proceedings of the Illinois House of Representatives 98th General Assembly, where the team was honored for its five USCAA national championships and its eight All-American archers. Pictured here, l-r, are team members Clayton Hall (Grayville); Trevor Nelson (Carmi); Tori Lewis (Galatia); Ashley Evans (Harrisburg); Tyler Butts (St. Peter); Hannah Dudley (Stonefort); Aaron Head (Harrisburg); Kailee Irvin (West Frankfort); and Allen Kuhnert (Taylorville). Not present were Jordan Walker of Carrier Mills, Josh Bailey of Carrier Mills, and Eric Janssen of Kankakee.