Monday, August 5, 2013

2013-14 Academic Year Changes to Rules and Procedures

This provides an overview of changes that were approved in 2012 and now effective this academic year as well as changes approved in July 2013. Members are responsible for reading the full changes in the 2013-14 Rules and Procedures Handbook available at the website.

Additions to Rules and Procedures Handbook USCAA is adding a section for competition rules outlining formats for team rounds, mixed team, equipment rules for compound/recurve. Currently being added
  • notification when completed will be announced. 

Added: Roles and responsibilities of Technical Delegate, Tournament host, Judges/Officials
Added: Appeals process for competition

Equipment/Travel Grants
  • Equipment grant program is being revised. Currently only blue tier grants accepted. Red tier grants will be restructured and posted shortly. Gold Tier grants are no longer available. 
  • All grants now require university approval/signature by either the sport club dept or the athletic director whichever is applicable. 
  • All grants now require at least two (2) club signatures for sport clubs in addition to university signature. Varsity clubs only require coach signature in addition to university signature 
  • Clubs must show proof of storage and inventory control system prior to grant approval. 
Eligibility Changes
  • Eligibility forms must be received by USCAA at least 15 days prior to first competition. Removed deadlines of 1 Feb and 1 Sept (was confusing along with the 15 days requirement). Removed ‘postmarked’ and changed to received. Clubs may fax or email the signed eligibility form. If the university seal is not visible on fax/email, clubs will need to snail mail. Clubs should keep original copy for the academic year in case it is requested. 
  • Eligibility Letter or form stamped by the registrar of their IHL and sport club or athletic director, whichever university official is applicable. If the Sport Club Director/Athletic Director has access to GPA and class units, then that is the only signature required. In all cases, the Sport Club Director or Athletic Director must sign the eligibility form acknowledging that the club members are competing. 
  • Archers have seven (7) consecutive years to use five (5) years of eligibility. Extenuating circumstance exception will be available for military service. 
  • Students graduating the last semester/quarter of the academic year who are part-time students only because they are taking the maximum number of units to graduate may compete in spring semester (winter/spring quarter). However, students who utilize this option and then do not graduate are not eligible to compete the following academic year. The student must have been a full-time student in the fall semester/quarter. (see full rule as outlined in rules and procedures) 
Graduating Senior
USCAA has had an informal policy regarding graduating seniors. This clause outlines the requirements for participation and earning awards as well as disqualifications.
  1. Fall graduating students 
    1. Fall students who are part-time status based on graduation requirements are eligible to compete in Fall semester/quarter competitions and earn awards and honors for the fall semester/quarter. 
    2. Fall graduating students are not eligible to compete in spring semester/quarter or winter quarter nor earn spring/winter awards and honors. 
    3. In the event an athlete who competed in the fall semester/quarter as a part-time graduating senior does not graduate that semester/quarter for any reason, the athlete shall not be eligible for UCAA athlete membership while attending university for the same degree 
  2. Spring graduating students 
    1. Students planning to graduate in the spring semester/quarter who want to earn All-American, Best New Archer, Academic Archery honors must have been full-time fall semester (fall and winter quarter)at their respective university. 
    2. A student who is graduating in the spring semester/quarter and is taking less than full-time credits in the spring/semester/quarter based on graduation requirements is eligible to compete in spring competitions, earn awards and honors as long as they were also full-time students during fall semester/quarter. 
    3. In the event, an athlete who competed in the spring semester/quarter as a part-time graduating senior does not graduate that semester/quarter for any reason, the athlete shall not be eligible for USCAA athlete membership while attending university for the same degree. 
Fee changes
  • Membership fee changes 
    • Effective 1 January 2014, a $40 fee will be required for Coach certification 
    • Effective 1 August 2013, individual membership fees will be $40 
    • Effective 1 August 2013, if a club has more than two coaches, additional coach fee is $40 
  • Event fee changes 
    • $65 National Indoors 
    • $65 all Outdoor Regional Championships 
    • $125 Target USIAC (includes banquet, does not include t-shirts) 
  • USCAA will require late/change fees when clubs are late with registrations or request changes after the close of registration. 
Competition for both 3D and Target
  • Team round competitions 
    • Clubs must designate team members for team and mixed team competition at least 2 hours prior to the event or the default will be the three (3) highest scoring members for team round, and the top man and top woman for mixed team. 
    • Team round will be competed at 3D USIAC 
  • Indoor competitions for bowhunter division
    • The X ring scores as a 10, the 10 ring as a 10, the 9 ring as a 9.
  • Outdoor target competitions for Bow hunter and Compound 
    • Target face will be (6-ring face) 1-6 scoring rings (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,0) for individual elimination and qualification round 
  • At championship events, cuts at elimination matches for individual, team, mixed team may be implemented by USCAA. Lottery team may be utilized at Target USIAC if time permits 
  • 3D scoring 
    • X scored as a 12 instead of 11 in compliance with ASA, followed by 10, 8, 5, 0 
Honors and Awards
  • Regional Championships and Qualifiers 
    • Regional qualifiers were to be established in north, south, west to be consistent with east region and count towards All-Region ranking system. Instead of effective 2013-14, it will be effective 2014-15 to allow staff time to coordinate easily accessible qualifiers. 
    • For consistency (and at the request of several members) standardized All-Region awards will be provided by USCAA 
  • All-American and Academic Archery Honors: 
    • 3D Archers are eligible for All-American status and Academic Archery honors (approved Jul 2012 effective 2013-14) 
    • Target and 3D - Members must be fulltime students both fall and spring semester at one (1) USCAA IHL club for both semesters/3 quarters to earn All-American honors (Academic Archery honors already require this 2012-13) 
    • Target archers must attend their respective regional championship. In 2014, the athlete must complete the event (qualification round and elimination matches) in order for it to count towards All-American. (approved Jul 2012 effective 2013-14. Staff to implement into national ranking system) Note: after input from various clubs, the 2013-14 is required attendance. 2014-15 requirements may include some form of ranking points. Format to be determined) 
    • 3D archers must attend a regional qualifying event and 3D USIAC. Ranking points will be assigned based on final finish of highest score from a USCAA sanctioned qualifying event and included in overall score with qualifying score from 3D USIAC. (additional event will be required in 2014-15) ((approved Jul 2012 effective 2013-14) 
    • Bow hunter scores will count at Target USIAC as part of the calculations for Overall Team Award (approved Jul 2012 effective 2013-14) 
    • Only students who are full time both semesters /3 quarters may earn the top honors and awards. Graduating students who are part-time the spring semester/quarter due to graduation, must have been a full-time student in the fall semester (fall/winter quarter) to earn awards/honors. Students who are part-time graduating and do not graduate are ineligible to compete the following academic year. 
Dress Code Changes
  • Shirt requirements remain the same 
  • Bottoms are no longer required to be same color and similar style. 
  • Denim is no longer prohibited 
  • Archers and Coaches must appear professional as outlined in the Rules and Procedures 
Coach certification
  • Effective August 2012, all new clubs must have at least one Club member certify a USCAA Coach. All coach members registering with new clubs will also take the Coach Certification course in order to be a coach member in good standing. (approved Jul 2012 effective 2013-14) 
  • Effective August 2013, all existing clubs will certify at least one club member and all existing coach members will need to take the online coach certification course by December 2014. (approved Jul 2012 effective 2013-14) 
National and Regional Championship and Qualifier Events/Hosts
  • USCAA will no longer seek bids for championship and qualifier hosts. The association will work with clubs, cities, and organizations to support the championship and qualifier events. 
  • All events that are regional qualifiers for Regional honors and all championship events will provide tournament information a minimum of 90 days advance to USCAA. 
  • Hosts for regional/national qualifiers and Championships are not guaranteed permanent event status. Agreements will be renewed either annually or bi-annually. Failure of hosts to meet the agreements will result in change of venue. 
  • Target Qualifiers for west, north, and south are not mandatory this year (approved Jul 2012 and were to be effective 2013-14) to allow more time to establish qualifiers that are easily accessible and will be included in regional/national ranking system 
  • 3D Regional Championships will be effective 2014-15 per Jul 2012 approval 
Establishing Conferences
  • Changes to the method of establishing conferences include 
  • New Conference establishment form available on line 
  • Maximum of 8 clubs per conference 
  • Membership and Eligibility apply 
  • Conferences may establish conference membership fee up to $25 maximum per person 
  • USCAA may establishment conference fee beginning in 2014-15 Academic year 
  • Select conference events may be utilized for a qualifier for regional and national honors 

The 2013-14 Rules and Procedures are being updated and will be posted in mid- August. All members are responsible for knowing the rules and procedures.